EarthBound Revived

For those Nintendo fans who are looking to enjoy a quirky and surprisingly deep RPG they need to look no further than Nintendo’s 1995 classic EarthBound which has been available on the Wii U’s Virtual Console since 2013. The title was originally known as Mother 2 in Japan and the Mother franchise in general has always had a larger following in that region compared to the States. Despite the obscurity of the game in North America, the franchise is becoming more  recognized by American audiences in part due to the inclusion of Ness and Lucas in the Super Smash Bros. series. In light of this, Nintendo has become more aware that audiences want to see more from the Mother series and the company has thankfully delivered with the release of Mother 1 on the Wii U Virtual Console as EarthBound Beginnings.

This game was originally released in 1989 and it never came to North America or Europe, being an exclusive in Japan on the Nintendo Famicom, which is the Japanese equivalent to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Although the game is primitive compared to EarthBound, it set the foundations for all other Mother games to follow including EarthBound and Mother 3, that has yet to see the light of day in North America.  The game follows the adventures of Ninten, a young boy  from the town of Podunk who possesses psychic abilities, on a quest with his friends to save the world from a mysterious threat, of course I will not say any more because I recommend any fan of Role Playing Games to experience the game for themselves in order to see where Mother started.


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