Halo 5: Guardians has been confirmed to not support local multiplayer

With Halo 5 shaping up to be the biggest Halo game to date, there really is no excuse for fans not to be hyped for the release of the game, especially after its triumphant showing at E3 2015. That might change, however, in light of some disappointing news in which Halo 5 developers officially confirmed that the game will not support local multiplayer or co-op split-screen at all. What this means for Halo players is that they will no longer be able to enjoy playing standard two player or four player multiplayer matches on a local connection, which many fans have seen as an integral part of what made the games so enjoyable. Instead, players will have to connect to Xbox Live at all times to play death matches and must join in a lobby for 4-player cooperative play for the campaign.


This first came to the attention of Halo fans when the official pre-order listing for the game indicated that only one player can be supported on a single Xbox One while “2-24 player” count can be supported for online multiplayer, meaning that if players want to play a local game they would have to use multiple Xbox Ones in the same place just to play with each other. Despite the news being delivered by the developers themselves, they too have expressed their difficulties with making this decision, claiming that in order to capitalize on making the game bigger and grander, compromises had to be made in order to prevent any obstacles to the overall game and visual design.

Even with the news of local multiplayer being removed from Halo 5, many fans may protest against this decision in the near future, prompting 343 Industries to possibly reconsider this huge departure from the Halo series. As unfortunate as this news may be, the game still looks amazing, and both its single-player and multiplayer may bring even more depth to the already large Halo franchise. The game will hit shelves on October 27, 2015.


Source: IGN US

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