Persona 5 Available This Fall

According to Atlus’ website, Persona 5 will be releasing some time this fall worldwide on PS3 and PS4. Fans of the series have been waiting patiently for a sequel to 2008’s critically acclaimed Persona 4, but they won’t have to wait much longer after Atlus placed a 2015 release date on the new title. The news is especially exciting for Western fans of the series, since in the past Atlus has released Persona games first in Japan before releasing them later elsewhere. For the first time, Persona fans all over the world will get their hands on the game at the same time.

Persona is a long running turn-based RPG series that found its initial success in the release of Persona 3. Half social-simulator and half dungeon-crawler, Persona games are critically acclaimed, in large part due to their strong writing, toe tapping music, and addictive gameplay. Atlus has released very little information on Persona 5 other than a trailer earlier this year which shows off a feline friend, sneaking through dungeons, and hints of a plot centered on burglary. You can check out a slightly extended version of the trailer from E3 below.

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