You Can Grab Disgaea 5 on October 6th, Dood

NIS America recently announced a release date for the newest game in their beloved tactical RPG series Disgaea. We will be able to dive into Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance this October 6th on Playstation 4. The new title boasts better visuals, more enemies on screen, new battle systems, and the unique game play that the series’ fans have come to expect.

The series is famous for its sense of humor and Disgaea 5 will be no different, although NIS has promised a “new, darker direction” for the plot. The game’s brilliant hand-drawn art style should look fantastic on the Playstation 4, while new battle systems will add even more layers to the already incredibly deep combat. Players can look forward to destroying enemies with improved Team Attacks, as well as a new Revenge Mode that enhances character’s base stats for a limited time. More information about the game is available on the Playstation Blog.

Polygon had a chance to sit down and play the game earlier this year. You can check out the game play here:



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