Batman: Arkham Knight review

The Caped Crusader returns in what is his biggest threat to date. Batman: Arkham Knight is the return to Rocksteady’s Gotham and everything has gone to hell once again. Batman must face his Rogues Gallery to save Gotham from Scarecrow’s fear toxin and must endure the militarized Arkham Knight, new to the universe, while taking down other villains. Through the majority of the game Batman is trying to identify the Arkham Knight’s true identity and it’s completely underwhelming when the big surprise occurs as I guessed who it was roughly a year ago when Rocksteady introduced the Knight to the public. There is much more to the story but to avoid spoilers saying more will ruin the experience of the game.


The game play mechanics are lifted from Arkham City but tweaked enough to make it much more enjoyable by adding new ways to knock out thugs through environmental take downs and dual takedowns with a sidekick.  Predator missions always seemed to be hit or miss in the series due to repetitiveness but Rocksteady added new gadgets to give the player different methods to taking out a room full of thugs. The fear takedown are the most note worthy addition to the game as it allows Batman to sneak behind a thug while time slows down to allow the player to adjust the camera to find the closest enemy to take down automatically making a chain of thugs dropping unconsciously. Sure, the idea was taken straight from Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker but it feels natural in the Batman: Arkham Knight universe.

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The biggest addition to the game is the batmobile. It drives amazingly well and you feel like the Batman when driving from location to location to reach the next mission; however, it is also the reason that completely ruins the game. The batmobile transforms into a tank to fight off the Arkham Knight’s unmanned tanks and drones. This happens nearly throughout the entirety of the game. The cumbersome tank becomes a chore quickly and it does not help that it is involved during every boss fight that I endured throughout the game.  Yes, you read that right, no actual boss fights occurred and I completed the main storyline and about three quarters of the side quests. Having no boss fights is a complete shame especially when Batman: Arkham Origins had spectacular bosses.


The game’s graphics and sound are both astounding. The world is highly detailed enough that zooming in with the camera allows the player to read small font showing that Rocksteady put the time to be as detailed as possible in the environment.  The lighting also adds great visuals that can be seen through the glare of the neon lights scattered through the city and their reflections on the wet floor. Not only does the game look gorgeous but the audio is spectacular as the batmobile sounds how the batmobile should sound and the constant explosions from the tank missiles sound realistic enough to forget how terrible the tank missions truly are.

Overall Batman: Arkham Knight could have been an amazing game but it fell flat due to the constant awful tank missions that overshadow the great new game play mechanics making Arkham Knight nothing more than a mediocre game in what could have ended an amazing series of games.11703529_678557695613452_6328881684661023822_o3/5

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