Dragon Quest XI Announced

A Square Enix stream has officially announced the next installment in the beloved Dragon Quest series. The release date is currently to be announced, but we do know the game is slated for release on the PS4, 3DS, and upcoming new console Nintendo NX. It will be the first Dragon Quest title released on a PlayStation system since the eighth installment back in 2005. It will also be single-player focused, as opposed to the previous iteration which was an online MMO.

While the PS4 version is reportedly being developed using Unreal Engine 4, with help from developers Orca, the 3DS version is receiving support from developer Toy Logic. While the details are limited, it’s safe to assume that the different console versions will likely feature key differences — certainly in terms of graphics. Despite the lack of a scheduled release date, fans are sure to be excited for finally hearing word of a new release, especially with news of a PS4 version. We look forward to more upcoming news.


Source: Kotaku

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