Journey Reportedly Making the Voyage to PS4 in July

In 2012, a little indie game called Journey was released for the PS3 and reignited the guttering debate in favor of video games as an art form, winning several “Game of the Year” awards in the process. For three years, this landmark experience has only been available to PS3 owners, but today, Gamestop has reported that a release date for the PS4 version of Journey has been published on the Playstation Docs website, perhaps accidentally. On July 21st, PS4 owners may be able to experience Journey again in 1080p at 60 frames per second, or, if you’re an uncultured video game pleb like myself, you can play it for the first time. Even better, according to Engadget, Sony’s Santa Monica Community Strategist Aaron Kaufman stated that Journey will be Cross-Buy compatible, so if you are a member of the gaming intelligentsia who bought, analyzed, and waxed poetic about Journey the first time around, you can download the latest version at no additional cost.

original sources: Gamespot, Playstation Docs, Engadget

J.S. Conner

For J.S. Conner, video games have been a lifelong passion, ever since his grandmother got a Super Nintendo for her birthday and kindly allowed him to play Super Mario All Stars with her. Together, they formed an unstoppable gaming duo, with J.S. Conner handling the bosses and the difficult platforming bits, while his grandmother solved the puzzles and navigated the caves of Zebes, the plains of Hyrule, and the food-themed continents of Super Mario World. Today, he's gotten a bit better at the puzzles, but his grandmother still occasionally invites him over to help her with the next Zelda boss.

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