New Fallout 4 Edition Pops Up in New Zealand

The Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Edition may be sold out but that doesn’t mean there won’t be different collector’s editions of Fallout 4 available. New Zealand-based retailers Mighty Ape listed a Fallout 4 Mighty Bundle on their website today. The bundle includes Fallout 4, a Vault Boy figure, and an 80 page hardcover book detailing the history of Fallout. The game is roughly 20 NZD’s more than the regular edition of the game and it’s only available in New Zealand.


It remains to be seen how exclusive this bundle truly is, in particular the 80 page hardcover book. The figure sold in the Mighty Bundle is the same one released in the Pop! set of Fallout vinyl figures so fans should be able to get their hands on it regardless of the Mighty Bundle. Conversely, the 80 page hardcover book is not for sale separately – or at least not yet. Mighty Ape’s listing does describe the book as a “true collector’s item” though, hinting that it may indeed by exclusive to the New Zealand retailer.


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