New MercurySteam Project Teased on Their Site

The developers of Castlevania: Lords of Shadow appear to have a new project in the works. Their website, has been updated to feature a striking sci-fi-inspired image with an ambiguous text written over it: “Status: Exploring new worlds, fighting strange creatures, discovering new heroes.” It also hints at further information to come, saying, “Expect news soon.”

Given that the developers have expressed an interest in expanding upon the Contra franchise as early as 2012, it might be safe to assume they have attained the rights to the series and are at works on a sequel or reboot. It’s certainly too early to tell; but regardless, the green-lit image of a bulky man sitting at the controls of a future-esque computer station promises quite an abstraction from the Castlevania series and possibly another unique take on a genre classic. Either way, it looks to be an exciting announcement.

Check out the siteĀ here.

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