Nolan on Nathan: Why is he the best?

PlayStation Access, a United Kingdom YouTube channel dedicated to all things PlayStation–one of my all-time favorite channels–released a video last week with Nolan North. They asked him why he thought Nathan Drake, our every-man protagonist from the Uncharted saga, was the best hero on PlayStation. Prepare for laughs. Nolan says exactly why Nate is the best; it’s one of my most favorite videos on the net and I wanted to share it with everyone.

I happen to agree with everything Nolan said. Drake is just so relatable.  From the very beginning with his orphaned childhood, Nate was a hero for all the underdogs. Peter Parker comes to mind. He ventures into familiar, yet unfamiliar lands looking for treasure. Not so much for greed as Sully, but more for simply finding it. He gets the (multiple) girls. For those and all the reasons Nolan states and more is why Nathan Drake is the best.

See the video here: 

Note: I am a HUGE fan of Nolan and an even bigger fan of Uncharted and basically anything Naughty Dog, so I wanted to show some appreciation and hope that it’s shared. I’ve watched this video about three times. That’s sad. I think. Is it?



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