Odallus: The Dark Call, a new indie game that goes back to the roots of NES era action-adventures

Odallus: The Dark Call is a new 8- bit action-adventure game released on July 15 and developed by JoyMasher. The game follows a warrior named Haggis who must rescue his son from an entity known as the Darkness in a forgotten land where old gods have died and new gods harvest the souls of humans to use their souls for their dark army. Odallus’s gameplay mechanics are a throwback to such classics like Castlevania, Ghosts ‘n Goblins, and Demon’s Crest that the developers played extensively as kids. JoyMasher decided to design the game as an 8-bit 2-D sidescroller because it allowed them to circumvent many technical hurdles and it enabled them to focus on making smooth and precise gameplay. Gameplay elements like platforming, dungeon-crawling, carrying sub-weapons, and leveling up equipment are all blended into this title and its macabre aesthetic make it an excellent choice for fans of the Castlevania games of the NES era.


The game stays true to classic NES sidescrollers by being remorseless and unforgiving on certain levels, making Odallus a good choice for hardcore gamers looking to put their reflexes and eye coordination to the ultimate test. On top of that, the game is rife with secret areas as well where players can find more goodies to level up their equipment. Odallus’s design and gameplay definitely make it worth checking out, especially in an age where sidescrollers are becoming less and less prominent. The game is available on JoyMasher’s website for $14.99 and it is also available on Steam for the same price. ┬áCheck out the game for yourself for a rich and classic gamplay experience.


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