Officially Licensed PS4 Remote Releases in October

Soon, the days of setting down you controller while watching Netflix and accidentally skipping an episode will be a thing of the past. At least, they will if you purchase Sony’s new official PS4 remote, announced today on Gamespot. Projected to release in October for $30 a pop, this remote is capable of bluetooth control for up to four devices, such as TVs and home theater setups, with an estimated six month battery life under normal use. Any controller that doesn’t rest on two spongy skip buttons is an improvement, so if you primarily use your PS4 as a streaming device or a Blu-Ray player, this may be the peripheral to own come Fall 2015.

Original source: Gamespot

J.S. Conner

For J.S. Conner, video games have been a lifelong passion, ever since his grandmother got a Super Nintendo for her birthday and kindly allowed him to play Super Mario All Stars with her. Together, they formed an unstoppable gaming duo, with J.S. Conner handling the bosses and the difficult platforming bits, while his grandmother solved the puzzles and navigated the caves of Zebes, the plains of Hyrule, and the food-themed continents of Super Mario World. Today, he's gotten a bit better at the puzzles, but his grandmother still occasionally invites him over to help her with the next Zelda boss.

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