PS4 Owners Petition for a more effective Playstation Network

Recently Sony fans have started their own campaign called #BetterPSN that calls for a rejuvenated PlayStation Network that will be able to provide more reliable and stable online services. Despite the ongoing success in sales with Sony’s next-gen console, fans have complained profusely about issues with many of the basic features of the console such as delayed messages, the PlayStation Store’s outright refusal to load content unless the machine is rebooted, and Cloud storage issues. These problems are only the icing on the cake for the other myriad complications that the PlayStation Network has been experiencing, one of the largest being the lack of a two-step verification process.

The two-step verification process lets users ensure that their email addresses and passwords are more secured on their PlayStation Network account by making them input some kind of authentication code to verify and confirm that the player is accessing their own information on their PlayStation Network account. This process prevents the accounts of players from being accessed by any unknown people or devices. Although this a staple on other gaming consoles, Sony has neglected to give players much needed security even after the two years since the PS4 launched.

This all comes back full circle with the #BetterPSN movement that was started by NeoGAFfers, an online forum that has convinced many PlayStation 4 owners to support their campaign and demand that Sony improve their online network. The movement has had so much of a huge following on both Reddit and Twitter that the campaign even has its own website that lists reasonable complaints and suggestions to Sony.

Some of the things they want Sony to include:

  • “Online/offline (invisibility) status change”
  • “Better friends list functionality with nicknames, grouping by categories (games, relationship), and VIP tags tied to the notification system”
  • “Online/offline notifications”

Check out the forum and website or follow the hash tag #BetterPSN on Reddit or Twitter for more information about the movement and offer support, especially if you are a PlayStation 4 owner who experiences these problems.

Adam Baca

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