Rocket League Announces Free and Paid DLC

Psyonix’s Rocket League has been nothing short of a huge success so far and today the team behind the game announced that two DLC packs will be arriving in early August. One pack will be free while the other will cost you a few hard-earned dollars.

The free DLC will come in the form of a game update and will include:

  • A new map named “Utopia Coliseum”
  • 70 new country flags
  • “Spectator Mode” to allow people to watch live games from any angle
  • Updated goal explosions and demolitions
  • A new song

As for the paid DLC, Psyonix has dubbed it the “Supersonic Fury DLC Pack” and it will cost you $3.99. It will include:

  • Two new cars: an American muscle car and a Japanese street racer
  • Six decals for the American muscle car and six different decals for the Japanese street racer
  • Two new boost trails: “Nitrous” and “Burnout”
  • Two new wheel sets: “Christiano” and “Spinner”
  • Five new paint types: brushed metal, carbon fibre, metallic pearl, pearlescent, and wood
  • A “handful” of new trophies

For those not aware, Rocket League is currently free on PlayStation 4 for those who subscribe to PS Plus, but only until August 4th. The game is also available for PC. Check out the Supersonic Fury DLC Pack Trailer below:


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