The Spirit of P.T. Lives on in Indie Survival Horror Title

The death of Silent Hills hit the gaming community quite hard. The “Playable Teaser” released by Hideo Kojima was such a massive hit that many gamers likely didn’t realize that the game we never got would have been almost completely different from the one we did get. Instead of a first person hallway simulator/nightmare engine, Silent Hills would have been more of an “action horror” game, with combat, monsters, and Norman Reedus wandering around a foggy town with a plank of wood and a screechy radio.

Fortunately for fans of P.T, a new first-person hallway simulator/nightmare engine is in the works via Steam Greenlight, and it’s called Allison Road. Lilith Ltd, the six-person team responsible for carrying on Kojima’s legacy of terror, have just released a pre-alpha gameplay demo on Youtube. The game appears to be less obtuse than P.T, for better or worse, with items, an inventory, voice-over directions, and an end goal. Like a reverse Five Nights at Freddy’s, gamers will be tasked with solving the mysteries in a small British townhouse before 3 AM on the fifth night, and if you fail, then something unspeakable probably happens to you. Probably involving ghost women.

What do you think of this new take on Kojima’s horror teaser masterpiece? Sound off in the comments below!

Original sources: The Verge, PC Gamer

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