Your Destiny’s RedBull code may already be used

For those who don’t know, Bungie has teamed up with RedBull by releasing special codes on the cans that allow access to a special mission in Destiny. It’s a good effort by both companies to promote the upcoming release of Destiny’s expansion, “The Taken King.” However, your code might be used well before you even buy the can.

At the end of last week, Kotaku reported that people have found a way to generate the codes found on RedBull cans towards Destiny. They even mention that it is “as simple as putting certain letters and numbers together in a specific pattern.” While this isn’t the worst thing to happen, users have also reported that purchased cans are no longer useable since their code was already used by someone else.

While Bungie may not be able to refund the used codes, they will hopefully be able to, if not already, fix the coding system being used.

Source: Kotaku

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