The Behemoth’s “Game 4” now has a title and trailer!

Last month, Behemoth finally revealed the title of their current project as “Pit People”, an upgrade from the prior title of “Game 4”. This month they were kind enough to release a trailer of the game which can be seen below:

Unsurprisingly, it’s just as weird and whimsical as every other title that The Behemoth has put out. Will Stamper, the voice in BattleBlock Theater will also be returning and can be heard throughout parts of the trailer. For those attending PAX Prime this weekend, you can get your hands on a demo at Booth 3003. As of now, there is no release date and the video indicates it will be released solely on Steam and XBOX One.

For those who won’t be attending, The Behemoth has also released a 20 minute gameplay video which can be seen on theirĀ site!

Source: Behemoth Games

Camron Willey

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