Capcom Re-Launching Street Fighter V PS4 Beta

After a disastrous shutdown of the Street Fighter V beta, Capcom have finally announced a tentative resurrection.  The beta is set to begin in Europe and will gradually launch in North America and Asia following positive feedback.  The beta started yesterday, August 20, at 4PM and ran through midnight and a second is scheduled for today during the same time interval.

Capcom are taking baby steps with the beta relaunch, so only when these technical tests are completed will the proper five-day beta be available for play.  The company is committed to working on the issues that plagued the first beta launch, but also wants to be clear that there may still be slight kinks to work out with the program.

A patch for the original beta was released somewhat under the rug last week and players found out mostly by word of mouth.  Capcom wanted to keep the update relatively secretive, as to ensure the servers wouldn’t be under too much stress from too many players signing on.  But now the company seems eager to get the beta up and running for the masses, even if it means taking small steps at a time to ensure quality and avoid technical hiccups.

Street Fighter V is set to release in March of 2016 for PS4 and PC.


Source: GamesRadar

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