Cities: Skylines Expansion Announced

Colossal Order has announced the first expansion, titled After Dark, for their city-building game Cities: Skylines. 

After Dark will release on September 24th for PC, Max, and Linux at a price of $15. Although full details have not been revealed, we do know a bit about the new  expansion thanks to a blog post by the developers on their forum.

As you may have guessed, After Dark refers to the addition of a day and night cycle. Obviously this will mean a new look for your city, with building windows lighting up at night. Neon lights and other new lighting will make your city look more interesting. Additionally, the sun rises and sets while the moon and stars also move across the sky.


The addition of a day and night cycle is not only cosmetic. Citizens will go out less at night and if they do, it will be to locations that are fun and entertaining. Traffic will be less intense at night, making it a bit easier to reconstruct roads without having to worry about the changes resulting in an immediate traffic jam.

Budgeting will be a bit different, too. After Dark separates the budget into one for the day and one for the night. This means that you can budget garbage trucks, hearses, and other civil services to be more active at night Рwhen there is less traffic and therefore a chance for them to work more efficiently. Crime will increase under the cover of darkness, so increasing the police budget during the night sounds like a good plan already.

After Dark will be the first paid expansion for Cities: Skylines, a game that released earlier this year with commercial and critical success. Alongside a large mod community that supports the game, the developers have been releasing free updates very regularly. An Xbox One version of the game is on its way, although there is no information on whether it will include the After Dark expansion.

Sources: Paradox, Gamespot

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