Killer Instinct has come a long way and Rare Replay includes a short documentary about the game’s origins and development

With the Killer Instinct reboot taking both the competitive and casual fighting game scenes by storm it is natural for players to ponder the evolution of KI. Most importantly, how the game was able to come back strong from what seemed like an indefinite hiatus. Rare Replay, a new game for the Xbox One that includes over thirty Rare games in celebration of Rare’s 30th anniversary recognizes just how far Killer Instinct has come with a short documentary about the game’s development. The video is narrated by Ken Lobb and Kev Bayliss, two developers who were part of the team that developed Killer Instinct,  and covers the origin of the game and just how fast it was conceived and shipped out to arcades. Check out the video below for a humble retrospect on the origins of the “COMBO BREAKER” classic and where it stands today.

Source: Eventhubs

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