Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst – Gameplay trailer

EA finally released gameplay for Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, the prequel to the first Mirror’s Edge.

In the trailer, we see Faith on a reconnaissance mission to steal intelligence from Elysium, run by none other than Kruger, which should be a familiar name to those who played the first game.

For those new to the news of Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Faith is younger, yet no-less skilled; in fact, it seems her move set seems to have expanded, thanks to current-generation technology. The environments are cleaner, combat crisper, and sound clips are right on point. The setting is still the City of Glass, but with one enormous change: it is open world.

The previous title found us in hub-like sections in each mission equipped with “Runner Vision,” which highlighted useful environmental obstacles to get from A to B. Runner Vision is still available, but with the open world, the hub factor is now eliminated, opening multiple paths to run through levels.

Some view this change as negative, but I am excited to explore rooftops without guidelines. After all, what’s parkour without freedom of movement?

Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst is set to release in April 2016.

Tony Marinilli

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