PlayStation Plus: Pre-Order Rock Band 4, Get 10 Extra Downloadable Songs

Harmonix have announced that PlayStation Plus Members who pre-order Rock Band 4 for PS4 will gain access to 10 additional playable tracks. Check out the eclectic list below:

All That Remains – “Divide”
Blitz Kids – “Run For Cover”
Bring Me The Horizon – “Throne”
Dead Sara – “Mona Lisa”
Duran Duran – “The Reflex”
Janis Joplin – “Move Over”
Of Mice & Men – “Would You Still Be There”
Oh Honey – “Sugar You”
Pantera – “Cowboys From Hell (Live from Monsters in Moscow Festival)”
Seastick Steve – “Summertime Boy”

It’s encouraging to see the large amount of variety featured in the next installment of the revitalized Rock Band franchise. With a new Guitar Hero and Rock Band releasing the same year, the competition couldn’t be more stiff, and Harmonix’s pre-order offer seems to be fuel for the rivalry. But will both series be able to revitalize the excitement of the music game genre? We’ll have to wait and see this coming fall. Rock Band 4 launches for PS4 and Xbox One on October 6.


Source: GameInformer

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