Camron’s top ten games!

It wasn’t until I compiled this list that I realized I was kind of across the board with what I enjoyed. Its a little bit of everything with a decade (or two?) old throwback somewhere in the center. Enjoy!

Dead Space

Prior to the release of the initial Dead Space, I ate up everything I could about it. I was on top of every trailer and I had watched every single one of the short comic movies that released monthly(?) prior to its initial release. I was never a fan of horror games, but Dead Space changed that at the drop of a hat. Between the beautifully terrifying music, the heart pounding chases, and the grotesque malformations of the human form, this is my top go to game.


Mass Effect

From a narrative standpoint, Mass Effect really stands out as a whole. However, the second iteration created a galaxy that I truly cared about. Never did I think I could be so intrigued and accepting, yet so against someone such as the illusive man. His intentions were so obvious, yet so hidden that I couldn’t help but want to just know more. Mass Effect 2 is interesting because it focuses so much of the game on creating relationships with your crewmates, which will in turn affect the final battle. This surprisingly works so well that I think it is the strongest point of the game. The Normandy is absolutely beautiful and Joker will also be one of the most memorable characters to me. If I had any regrets, it would be that I never truly took advantage of the paragon system on separate playthroughs.


Dirt 2

I love Rally. I love Gymkhana. I love Pre-runners and I love the Baja 1000. Essentially, CodeMasters took everything I am passionate about and rolled it into what I consider the best racing game around right now. The environments are absolutely beautiful and the vehicles look, feel and sound great. There is an excellent amount of game mode varieties without the feeling of being too overwhelmed, and the competition has always been fierce making every win so rewarding.


Halo 4

I feel like I may be in the minority labeling this as a favorite. I think the main concern was that a lot of people didn’t understand the story, which was better expressed through the physical books since they elaborate more on the new alien character race. While this could penalize 343, I think the story, as a whole is laid out extremely well. Master Chief has become an extremely complex character and his relationship with Cortana truly matters. All the way to the end.



Medi-Evil is one of those games that not too many people either know about or remember. It’s an original PS1 game so it definitely has a little time on it. As a child, I was absolutely blown away by the art and the environments. I thought it was so cool running around trying to save the world from an evil wizard. I came back to it on the PS3 and it still felt natural and fun. This is one of those weird games that I would buy day 1 if a re-master or remake popped up.



Singularity is one of those hidden gems that didn’t get too much coverage when it released. In fact, the only reason I bought it was because I had seen a promotion poster by the clerk at the local GameStop. I was actually extremely surprised by what I had discovered. Raven Software almost does too good of a job weaving time travel and narrative and create this beautifully complex story of a struggle for power over a 50 year time span that starts the moment you hit play.


Borderlands 2

Somewhere down the line, I realized that I didn’t like the first game. I do admit that I made it about 90 percent and I realized it just wasn’t for me. I also realized that it revolved heavily around cooperation, so it was much more difficult for a single player to progress. I bought the second one many months after release because the wife and me needed a game to play together. Essentially, the second one is everything the first had multiplied 100 times over. The amount of guns are overwhelming, the story is rich, humorous and heartbreaking. Jack is singlehandedly the best and worst villain in one. Apart from this, Borderlands created an awesome bonding moment between me and my wife and I would trade a single hour back.


Guitar Hero: Metallica

Guitar Hero: Metallica is one of those weird games where you don’t really have anything else to do, so you play it? There was a point on the military when I was landlocked in the Barracks due to no vehicle so I needed a good time killer. Fortunately, Guitar Hero filled that gap. A little too well. Obsessively well, actually. It wasn’t until my PlayStation 3 finally got the yellow light and wouldn’t kick the disc back out that I had to say my final farewells. Even to this day, I remember quite a bit of the keys for many of the songs and cant wait for this years musical titles to release.


Need for Speed: The Run

Contrary to popular belief, I believe The Run had something going for it. It had a tangible story with a pretty cool idea of cannonball racing across the country. The characters might have been relatable, but weren’t given enough time to properly flesh out so I can see a few misses. But overall, it was a blast racing against an avalanche or speeding through the streets of Chicago chased by the mafia. If I were to see a current-gen version, it would be really cool to literally race across the country. If even on a linear track, going through the mountains or speeding through the smaller cities would be an awesome addition.


Jak and Daxter

The Jak series has two things going for me. It was a bonding moment between my sister and me; a best friend from California and it had the most complex, yet lovable story for a Naughty Dog game at that time. The first entry as really straight forward but it laid the groundwork for the next two in such a way, that you were never able to piece everything together until final hours of the trilogy. It was amazing to play through such a complex story and discover all of the new mechanics Naughty implemented through each addition.


Camron Willey

Just finishing school with a bachelors degree in Game Design, I now spend my time working between Cynosure, and my personal projects. Being a full-time military member, I try to pass the time behind the keyboard or controller. If it involves design or deep narrative, I will be there day one. You can check out my blog and smaller past times on!

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