Fallout 4 will feature 275 different perk levels

With all the anticipation surrounding the release of Fallout 4, Bethesda has recently unveiled some new information regarding the game’s perk system. According to a recent interview with a representative from Bethesda about the new perk system,

“You’ll still level up via XP, and each level increase will still give you a point to spend on a perk, but now those perks have varying XP levels of their own. It’s perk-ception, essentially, and means that, should you theoretically play long enough to max out every tier of every single one gaining untold buffs and no doubt all kinds of horrendous real-world illnesses in the process – you’ll top off with a total of 275.”

What this means is that players will not just be leveling up their character’s individual skills, but also the individual perks that they select for their character. So in order to power up every perk completely players will have to level up a total of 275 times.

These new details about the perk system for Fallout 4 only attests to Bethesda’s claims about the game having no definitive level cap since players will be devoting most of their time to leveling up their perks . Furthermore, this will prompt players to prioritize which perks they want to level up and give them a large incentive to continue playing the game even after completing a large bulk of the primary questlines.

Source: Gamerant

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