Lucha Underground Renewed for Second Season

My heart nearly did a plancha out of my throat when the news broke today that Lucha Underground, Mark Burnett’s noble experiment in wrestling television, has just been confirmed for a second season. The show’s future has been uncertain since the first season’s spectacular ending, but not only do we have a new season in the works, according to Deadline Hollywood, the show will remain in Los Angeles and tapings will begin in late 2015. If you don’t get the El Rey network, or Sling TV, or any of the other myriad ways to watch Lucha Underground, stay tuned. The producers have mentioned a potential DVD release of the first season, and we will keep you updated as soon as an official announcement has been made.

J.S. Conner

For J.S. Conner, video games have been a lifelong passion, ever since his grandmother got a Super Nintendo for her birthday and kindly allowed him to play Super Mario All Stars with her. Together, they formed an unstoppable gaming duo, with J.S. Conner handling the bosses and the difficult platforming bits, while his grandmother solved the puzzles and navigated the caves of Zebes, the plains of Hyrule, and the food-themed continents of Super Mario World. Today, he's gotten a bit better at the puzzles, but his grandmother still occasionally invites him over to help her with the next Zelda boss.

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  1. I need that first season damn it!

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