New Game From The Stanley Parable Creator Announced

Well isn’t this a nice little indie surprise?  Not only has Davey Wreden, writer and developer of the acclaimed 2013 title The Stanley Parable, announced his latest project, The Beginner’s Guide, but has also slated its release for this upcoming Thursday.

Little info regarding the game has been shared, as Wreden has gone to quite some lengths to keep the details as enigmatic as possible.  You can check out the unassuming official site for yourself, though there’s not much to see besides the title, release date, and a background displaying a theater stage.

However mysterious, it’s exciting to know that Wreden has been working on a new venture and that we are already so close to getting our hands on it.  The Beginner’s Guide launches October 1 for PC and Mac.


Source: GameInformer

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