New Smash Bros. DLC Released

Along with a previously announced Mario Maker stage, Nintendo has released some new DLC content for the WiiU and 3DS fighter.  A list of costumes is now available for $0.75 each and $5.25 for the complete Mii Fighter Costume Bundle 4.  Check out the whole list below:

Toad Hat
Viridi Wig
Hunter’s Helm
Rathalos Helm
Fox Hat
Captain Falcon Helmet
Business Suit (All)
Toad Outfit (Brawler)
Viridi Outfit (Swordfighter)
Hunter’s Mail (Swordfighter)
Rathalos Mail (Swordfighter)
Fox Outfit (Gunner)
Captain Falcon’s Outfit (Brawler)

The pirate ship stage from Brawl, based around The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, is also available for $1.99, exclusive to the WiiU version of the game.  Plus, the latest update patch comes free with the new Duck Hunt stage for the 3DS version.  It’s nice to see Nintendo continue to surprise Smash players with brand new content.


Source: GameInformer

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