PS4 3.0 Update Adds 10GB to PS Plus Subscribers’ Cloud Storage

PlayStation Plus members get to look forward to some great advancements with the upcoming update 3.0.  The update (currently in Beta mode as of yesterday for a few lucky consumers under the codename Kenshin) looks to provide a number of new sharing options, along with increasing the cloud storage from 1GB to 10GB.

In addition to uploading short videos to Twitter via the PS4 interface, players will be provided the ability to upload streams straight to YouTube, which can be viewed through the YouTube Gaming mobile app or online.  Also included in the update are features which will allow players to create communities with friends and even see what their friends are currently playing through.  There’s even a sticker option for messaging included as well, for those who don’t have the time to type out a whole response (we’re gaming here!).

No release date has been scheduled as of this writing. but if the Beta proves effective, update 3.0 should be arriving soon.


Source: GamesRadar

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