Super Mario World Review

Originally released in the United States in 1991, the Super Nintendo ruled the 16-bit era with the introduction of Mario’s latest platformer, Super Mario World. I recall seeing the big black SNES box with Super Mario World and two controllers sitting in my living room couch as I got home from school and I went nuts. Having played Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 to death made me realize the new adventures I would have with this new iteration of the series. World was my introduction to Yoshi, which I quickly fell in love with; however, this love did not stop me from ditching him to save my own life when death was inches away.

Banzai Bill

Having experienced the plethora of power ups in Super Mario Bros. 3 disappointed me when I realized that World only gave the option of flight (with the feather/cape) and the ubiquitous fire flower; however, this was quickly remedied once Yoshi’s powers were introduced. Yoshi’s powers depend on the different colored Koopa shell that he swallows. Yellow shells allow Yoshi to have a stomp that shakes the ground nearby while red shells allow up to three fire balls to be shot at once in different angles. Blue shells give the power of flight, and green shells do not do anything special. Once we save the red, yellow, and blue Yoshi we can use any colored Koopa shell for its own corresponding power meaning that no matter what color shell a blue Yoshi swallows will always make him able to fly, making him the most broken aspect of the game.  Seriously, if you get stuck in any level just get yourself a blue Yoshi and fly through the level to make your life a lot easier.

Super Mario World story

Story is a bit changed from previous entries in the series; however, it ends up being Bowser kidnapped Peach all over again. Stories in Mario platformers are not necessarily important as the fun comes out of the levels and the tight gameplay. Regardless I always try my best to summarize the story in my reviews so that won’t change this time as Yoshi’s friends have been kidnapped by the Koopa Kids and it’s Mario’s objective to go around Yoshi’s Island and save them; however, while busy rescuing Yoshi eggs, Bowser kidnaps Peach making Mario have to rescue her all over again.

Special World

Not much has changed in the 2D Super Mario formula. One button attacks and if held makes our chubby hero run while the other button jumps. The 2D Super Mario games never really changed and that’s honestly not a terrible thing as the game is genuinely fun and even after 30 years this is the basic blue print that Super Mario uses.  Of course there are new power ups but it comes down to the same gameplay even when riding on Yoshi with all its abilities.

World 8

It’s difficult to not play this and feel the sudden nostalgia with the game’s sound track. Koji Kondo did a remarkable job making new tunes for the aging series.  Even the jumping sound brings memories from the past. That’s how good the sound work is in Super Mario World. I must bring up the awesome work Nintendo pulled off with levels that are within caves. Everything sounds echoed or even distant showcasing that Mario is within a cave, that’s how much detail was given to the game’s sound.  Before I forget, look up the Athletic Theme in Super Mario World, it is so good!


Super Mario World and Super Mario Bros. 3 are usually the contenders for best 2D Super Mario game and for good reasons. SMB.3 was what molded the blue prints to what inevitably led to the master piece that is Super Mario World. World made things bigger and added a ridiculous amount of content, including a special world, which is seen in most Mario games now. Super Mario World is just as good as it was back in the early 90’s when I first played it and everybody should take the time to play this classic now if you haven’t. I had planned to play through a few levels and I ended up beating roughly 40 in one sit in with the game. The game is easily accessible through the Wii, Wii U, and it’s a common cartridge for the SNES so make sure to play it in whatever fashion possible, you will have no regrets whatsoever.

Peach and Mario


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