The First Phantom Pain DLC Will Be Costumes

Konami has announced that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain will be getting downloadable costumes. At this year’s Tokyo Game Show, Konami took to the stage to reveal news on the future of the recently released game. After showing a new gameplay video for Metal Gear Online, Konami presented some new outfits that will serve as the game’s first downloadable content.


Most of the outfits are from MGS 3: Snake Eater. Snake can wear jungle fatigues, the sneaking suit, or the tuxedo, while female soldiers can be decked out in the clothes worn by EVA or The Boss. D-Horse will get two new outfits, one that gives him a mask with horns on it.

Unfortunately, no release date or price for the outfits has been announced.

Source: Metal Gear Informer

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