Twitch Plays Fallout 3, Goes Pretty Much as Expected

After tackling the likes of RPG-classics Pokemon and Dark Souls, the online community phenomenon Twitch has begun a venture into Fallout 3.  So far, it’s getting started just as slowly as the previous two playthroughs.  As of this writing — about a day after beginning — the player character has still yet to escape the vault and is currently in the process of coping with using the pistol.

You can check out and take part in the stream here.  Despite the slow start, taking into consideration the magnificent conquering of Pokemon and some of the toughest bosses in Dark Souls (I still can’t believe they managed to defeat Ornstein and Smough), this latest undertaking hopefully looks to be another success.  Sure, they spent about an hour in crouching mode, walking straight into a wall; but there’s faith to be found in this daring community.

All the community needs is time, patience, something to distract the internet trolls from feeding deceptive control inputs, and Twitch Plays Fallout is sure to be a rousing achievement, perhaps even just in time for the November 10 release of Fallout 4.


Source: Kotaku

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