Crytek Unveil VR Dinosaur Simulator Robinson: The Journey

The Crysis developer has announced their latest project to be one of the first games for PlayStation VR, a walking simulator featuring a crash-landed boy on a planet filled with dinosaurs.  Little info has been shared, though a teaser trailer shows off the protagonist, the prehistoric beasts, and a guiding AI robot with a rather charming voice.  Check out the trailer for Robinson: The Journey below:

The trailer gives us a glimpse at the first-person perspective and a lush forested setting, and hints at the dangers that abound from the more carnivorous beasts lying in our wake.  And since we’re once again dealing with the CryEngine here, there’s no doubt that even from what the teaser shows off, this game is going to look breathtaking.

Walking with dinosaurs seems like a pitch-perfect concept for the capabilities of PlayStation VR, so we’re excited to hear more upcoming news and details regarding Crytek’s latest experiment.


Source: GamesRadar

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