Far Cry Primal – A far cry from Far Cry

In a looping video, Ubisoft teased gamers with a cave painting of a man with a spear and bow. Today, we are regaled with a full-length trailer of the newest addition to the Far Cry series: Far Cry Primal.

GameInformer¬†expanded on what we know about Far Cry Primal; set 12,000 years in the past–prior to the extinction of mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, prior to glacial movement, prior to anything fans of the series have come to love–Far Cry Primal places players in the shoes of Takkar, a hunter stranded in the land of Oros.

Oros is a settlement framed by glaciers and it is thriving with life in this post-ice age world. Unfortunately for Takkar, the line between the hunter and the hunted has never been blurrier and he must utilize spears, bows, axes, clubs, and even fire to combat the wilds both day and night. According to GI’s article, nocturnal creatures pose an even larger threat, reminiscent of Techland’s Dying Light.

Ubisoft said that players will burgeon their own tribe (akin to the Assassin Brotherhood, possibly?) to take on the mammoth woolies, because no one man could ever take them down alone.

The new iteration is said to be rife with danger and spoils much like its predecessors, and also like those that came before, will feature beautiful, ancient vistas for gamers to ogle.

The game is set to release February 23rd in 2016 for console, and March for PC.

Watch the release trailer:

The devblog from Ubisoft, further outlines and details the world in which gamers will be introduced to.  You can read the blog here.

We will keep you updated on developments!

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