Final Fantasy VII Likely Won’t Be Square Enix’s Only Remake

According to their annual report, Square Enix wants to “revitalize some of [their] strong IPs.” Considering the excitement from fans upon learning that a Final Fantasy VII remake is being developed, it may not come as a big surprise that Square Enix wants to do the same with other titles.

While the Final Fantasy VII remake is set to appear on the PlayStation 4 some time in the future, the annual report makes note that phones and tablets will also be target platforms for other remakes. Square Enix is hoping that by remaking old games, it will profit off longtime fans as well as introduce their classics to new customers.

Final Fantasy is Square Enix’s largest franchise, but the company boasts an impressive catalogue of other classics from which they can choose a game to remake. Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve, and entries in the Dragon Quest series are just some of the fantastic games that Square Enix has made over the last three decades.

As for the Final Fantasy VII remake, it was only just recently announced at this year’s E3 and is likely years away from release. Recent comments from the game’s director suggest that the remake will not be exactly the same as the original, especially in its plot. After the release of Final Fantasy VII, Square Enix released a lot of media that fleshed out the game’s story and lore, for example with the PS2’s Dirge of Cerberus, so it makes sense that the remake could absorb these expanded plots.

Source: GameSpot

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