Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Delayed

GameInformer¬†reported EA ¬†pushed the sequel to the cult hit, Mirror’s Edge, back three months to May 24th–the end of the company’s fiscal year.

There are multiple reasons for this move. The first is obviously technical: more time to prepare the new iteration for its foray into open world. Going from a formulaic “hub” state to a perpetual boundless city is a massive undertaking and extra polish is never a bad thing.

The second reason could be overcrowding on its original date, February 23rd. Just off the heels of Holiday 2015, February is a difficult release window, especially if it is surrounding by other AAA titles.

Either way, another three months is going to assist in giving gamers a more polished and complete game.

Again, it will release on May 24th.

Tony Marinilli

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