Rumor: Until Dawn DLC Gets PlayStation VR Treatment

According to a recent, supposedly-confirmed email sent to Destructoid, Until Dawn is getting a DLC expansion which is currently being market-tested in the UK.  It’s entitled ‘Rush of Blood,’ will surprisingly function as an on-the-rails shooter, and will interestingly enough be compatible with PlayStation VR.

The minimal info shared in the email details the content as “very literally an on-rails experience,” filled with ghost enemies to kill and a central final boss encounter with the primary title’s ghostly antagonist.  No details were shared regarding just how far into production the DLC is, and from the looks of it, it sounds more like a short demo than anything concrete so far along.  Hopefully more details spring up soon, but for now we can only wait to hear more — perhaps from developer Supermassive or even Sony themselves.


Source: Destructoid

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