Star Wars Battlefront’s Open Beta Will Now End on Tuesday

The open beta for Star Wars Battlefront was supposed to end on Monday but will now run until the end of Tuesday. DICE, the developers of the online shooter, say that the extra day will allow them to run further tests to find out how their servers and infrastructure handle traffic.

Here is the official word on the extension of the beta:

“Hope you’re enjoying the Star Wars Battlefront beta and thank you for playing – every time you log on, it’s helping us ensure the experience is going to be great at launch. As we get into the late stages of the beta, we will begin conducting further technical tests on our infrastructure.

These additional tests will start on Monday, October 12 and will run thru Tuesday, October 13th, which will add an additional day to the open Beta. These tests are to help us find some extreme scenarios, and that means some players may experience occasional issues such as being kicked from the game or losing connectivity. This is all being done in the name of shoring up our infrastructure before we launch on November 17th.

Please continue to provide your feedback around the Beta and we look forward to seeing you on the battlefront in November.”

The beta is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A mix between the Battlefield games and the Star Wars movies, the Battlefront beta is a must try for fans of either series. Be warned however, as the download file for the beta is around 7 GB on consoles and closer to 11 GB on PC, so you may want to start the download sooner rather than later.

Source: Star Wars Battlefront

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