Dark Souls 3 Special Editions Leaked

A listing from Geekay Games (which has been unfortunately pulled from their site) may have just unveiled two separate special edition sets for Dark Souls 3 as well as a release date.  The listing (see above) details the final entry’s release date to be April 12, 2016, which confirms earlier rumors from FromSoftware that the game would indeed release April of next year.

There have been two announced limited sets for the game: the Prestige Edition and the Collector’s Edition.  Both include a cloth game map, a hardcover artbook, three iron-on patches, the game, and soundtrack; while the Prestige Edition features a 40 cm Lord of Cinder figurine and the Collector’s Edition features a 25 cm Red Knight figurine.

The listing seems fairly legitimate, so it might very well be safe to start deciding whether to start saving up for which edition before April rolls around.  The conclusion to the dark trilogy will arrive on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Source: GamesRadar

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