Some Helpful Tips For Fallout 4

One thing is for sure: Fallout 4 is huge. The game puts a lot on your plate, and in some cases doesn’t explain it all clearly. Here are a number of tips from your friendly Cynosure Gaming to help you in your quest across the Commonwealth.



  • If you need caps quick, consider selling ammunition. The going rate is usually 1 bottle cap for 1 bullet, and chances are you aren’t using all of the dozen or more types of ammunition available in the game. As you explore locations and kill enemies, you get more than enough of ammunition, so feel free to sell some of it for an awesome weapon or armor piece.
  • Casual outfits often boosts certain SPECIAL attributes, so use this your advantage. Keep a suit or dress in your inventory that boosts charisma for better rates from merchants. In fact, it’s a good idea to put on a charisma boosting outfit whenever you talk to someone, as a higher charisma boosts the success rates of speech challenges.
  • Early on, don’t worry about offending one group by joining another. There will be moments when you have to choose between two sides, but these moments come later in the game and are obvious.
  • When you find a computer that opens up a safe or door, you are presented with a chance to gain some extra XP. First, hack the computer, but don’t use it to unlock the safe or door. Instead, back out from the terminal and then pick the lock. Since you get XP for both hacking and lockpicking, you are essentially getting double XP.
  • The mini-map radial at the bottom of the screen displays places you have found (solid white symbols), places you haven’t discovered yet (more transparent white symbols), quest markers, and more. However, there are a number of locations that don’t show up on the mini-map, but still offer some good loot. Make sure to explore everywhere.
  • You can change your Pip-Boy text colour as well as your HUD colour in the options menu. The default neon green can be a bit straining on the eyes.



  • Crits don’t miss – ever. So use them when you really need to. Luck and its perks affect crits, so invest in it if you want to be doing a ton of damage.
  • Some enemies are fast – really fast. When these enemies are carrying flamethrowers, for example, and have a high amount of HP, dealing with the situation can be difficult. A good tactic with these enemies is to cripple their legs, rendering them incapable to move or just limiting their mobility greatly. Frag grenades and mines do a great job of forcing these quick enemies to slow down.
  • If you haven’t noticed yet, most cars in the Commonwealth will explode if damaged enough. You can place frag mines around cars and lead enemies to it. Another strategy is to run around a car so that the enemy is caught on it, then throw frags towards the car to make it explode. This tactic has some drawbacks, mostly due to the fact that the precise time of the explosion can sometimes be difficult to predict. However, when facing down an enemy with high HP and power armor, this tactic is a great way to finish them off without using a ton of ammo.
  • Chems are extremely helpful, so use them when you are in for a tough fight. Yes, you can get addicted to certain chems which lowers some SPECIAL stats, but you can be cured by a doctor or by taking a certain other drug. There are drugs to increase strength, damage resistance, damage output, charisma, and more.
  • Power armor is a serious advantage over tough enemies. Don’t be afraid to use it when you need to. The cores that power it are limited, but not altogether that difficult to come across as you explore.



  • Settlement building is completely optional, so don’t feel like you have to do it unless you want to. However, you should probably do the first quest in Sanctuary that works as a short and inadequate tutorial to settlement building. It gives you a good amount of XP while introducing you to the very basics of settlements.
  • At the very least, you should build yourself a house with a few storage containers. Items placed in storage containers in your settlement aren’t going anywhere, so feel free to leave any weapons, armor, or aid that you won’t need for the immediate future. When you are getting near your carrying weight limit, make a pit stop at your settlement by fast traveling there. Drop off your goods and head out again for more fun.
  • A bed isn’t a bad idea for your house either. Resting in an owned or rented bed grants you the Well Rested perk for twelve in-game hours, granting you a 10 per cent XP boost.
  • You can run wire from generators to electronics by facing each item and hitting triangle on PS4 or Y on Xbox One. The big (and unclear) exception to this is lights. For lights, you need to run a wire from your generator to a power conduit. Lights then need to be placed near this power conduit to work.
  • This may be obvious, but go up to any work bench and hit transfer, then hit transfer again to take all the junk you are carrying and place it in the settlement. This junk will be used for all building and mods done by you at that settlement.
  • Initially, the junk that is at one settlement will not be shared across any other settlements. If you don’t want this to be the case, a charisma of level 6 is needed to set up supply lines between settlements. That being said, in practice you only really need one settlement, especially considering the fact you can fast travel from anywhere to that settlement when needed.
  • Playing around with building a settlement gives you a small amount of XP for each wall, furniture, or other item you place, so even if you build a house that ends up looking terrible and being deleted, you will gain some XP from it. Building a house, setting up lights, and furnishing your home can help you level up early in the game, although you will still get more XP from simply completing quests.


Gun Mods, Armor Mods, Chemistry, and Cooking

  • You get quite a bit of XP from adding modifications, making chems and explosives, and cooking food at their respective work stations. While armor and weapons mods need you to have the required perk, you can make quite a bit at chemistry and cooking stations from the start of the game. When you see a chemistry or cooking station, take a minute and a half to create whatever you can. Not only will you get better aid items out of it, you can often get quite a bit of XP from the process.
  • Gun mods and armor mods require perks to use, but are definitely a worthy investment. A couple perks in the Gun Nut tree will allow to bump up a gun’s damage by 20 points or more, let alone increase its critical damage or hip-fire accuracy. With the lowest armor mod perk, you can bump up an armor piece’s damage resistance by 3 or 4, meaning that you improve your character’s DR by 10 to 20, a big number early in the game. With more investment in armor mods, you can do things like improve carry weight or make it easier to sneak.
  • You will discover a lot of pistols and rifles in the game whose damage pales in comparison to your current arms. Don’t leave these weapons behind, however. Instead, take them back to your settlement and dismantle them at the weapon workbench. With the Scrapper perk, you can acquire a ton of important items through dismantling that you will need for modding, especially screws.
  • When you dismantle or change up the modifications on a gun, the game automatically puts any unused mods into your inventory. They only weigh 0.5 each, but can take up a significant amount of your carry weight if you are constantly modding weapons. Place all your unused mods at your workshop in your settlement for later use.
  • You can craft adhesive at cooking stations. Plant corn, mutfruit, and tato at your settlement for an unlimited supply.
  • Pre-war money is everywhere and is categorized as junk. If you dump all of your junk at your settlement, pre-war money goes with it, since it can be broken down into cloth. The thing to note here is that it may be better to sell the pre-war money to a merchant, since it fetches a decent price.

Voilà, some tips for Fallout 4 that I hope are helpful to you. Now get out there and start exploring!

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