Here is How You Will Access The Old Hunters DLC in Bloodborne

The first expansion for Bloodborne arrives next Tuesday and thanks to Sony, we now know some important details about the DLC. We already knew that The Old Hunters would arrive on November 24th, cost $19.99, and introduce a number of new weapons and new NPCs. Perhaps the most important part – how the new content is actually accessed in the game – has been detailed today over on the PlayStation Blog.


Here are the steps to get yourself into the Hunter’s Nightmare after you have purchased the DLC:

  1. Defeat Vicar Amelia and examine the altar in the back of the room. This changes the in-game time to night.
  2. Go to the Hunter’s Dream and receive “the Eye of a Blood-drunk Hunter” from a messenger located on the ground, near the doll who levels you up.
  3. Go to Oedon Chapel and exit via the left-hand door to enter the square.
  4. Go to the right-hand end of the square. This triggers an event and takes you to the new area.
  5. Make sure to light the lamp in the new area so that you can travel there with ease in the future.


So, much like the DLC for Dark Souls, there are a few challenges you need to face before accessing the new content. However, the details so far on The Old Hunters make it look like it will be worth fighting a few bosses over again. New weapons will include ones named Bloodletter and Gatling Gun, while a new ruin called The Beast’s Embrace will boost the power of beast weapons.

Aside from the paid DLC, a new patch (update 1.07) adds a new feature for all players. This feature adds new NPCs into the game and a new faction called the League. Basically, the League is a new leaderboard that is related to successfully completing coop sessions. The NPC related to the League can be accessed in the Forbidden Forest.

While The Old Hunters DLC hits on Tuesday, update 1.07 is available now. If you pre-purchase The Old Hunters before Tuesday, Sony will give you a free Bloodborne theme for your PS4.

Source: Sony PlayStation Blog

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