New patch for Metal Gear Solid V lets players recruit an old friend once again

For those of you who have played a great deal of Metal Gear Solid V. a familiar sidekick will be able to be recruited once more for field missions. The character in question is Quiet and prior to this new development and without spoiling any of the narrative, Quiet would permanently leave Mother Base after a certain point in the game, thus rendering it impossible for player’s to deploy her during missions.

Of course, retaining Quiet is not that simple, players must first complete Mission 11 “Cloaked in Silence” seven times and upon starting the mission for the seventh time the name of the mission will change. Upon successful completion of this criteria, players will see Quiet at Mother Base with all of her items, gear, and weapons intact and researched, depending on how much the player has actually upgraded.

Quiet’s return is just one of the many new features that are to be included in the latest November patch for Metal Gear Solid V.  Some other new additions in this patch include new weapons, gear, and modes. For the full list of updates to come with the November patch click on the link to Konami’s official website below.

Konami’s official website

Source: Polygon

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