Braulio’s Top 10 Games of 2015!

To end our plethora of top games lists for the year 2015 I will be ranking my top 10 games that I played this year. Feel free to comment on my list and mention what your favorites are down below!

Honorable mentions: Call of Duty: Black Ops III, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush, and Final Fatnasy XIV Hevensward


10.  Bloodborne

 I might be terrible when it comes to the Souls’ series but that didn’t stop me from enjoying Bloodborne, even if I didn’t get that far into the game. What I did play I loved and I recently started it again and I’m enjoying it more now that I’m not as clueless as before. Bloodborne  is good enough that my team at CSG called it their Game of the Year and even though it just sneaked into my top 10 list I can see why others love it.

Rock Band

9. Rock Band 4

 Rock Band has been my favorite rhythm series since it launched nearly a decade ago and Rock Band 4 continues that trend. Despite having the weakest set list in the series, the game continued to be just more of the previous iterations of the beloved party game. Harmonix has been hard at work updating the game making it only better with time. Having access to thousands of past DLC songs isn’t so shabby either.


8. Star Wars Battlefront

 A last minute game that jumped into my top games of 2015. The lack of a campaign and just a handful of maps made me a skeptic in DICE’s vision for the Battlefront series and boy am I glad I gave the game a third try (yes, a third). Online dog fighting is probably one of my favorite highlights this year in gaming and I foresee myself playing this mode in particular in the coming new year.


7. Until Dawn

 Adventure games have been all the craze since Tell Tale Games’ The Walking Dead Season One and since then I feel that adventure games have gotten stale with each new release; however, Supermassive Games made me care about the genre once again with their intriguing ways to tell a story. The scriptwriters did such a marvelous job that I hope that TTG tries to change their outdated formula they insist on using every two to three games they release a year. I hope that 2016 will mark the return of the tired genre and if not, can we please get another adventure game by SG?!

The Order: 1886_20150220145405

6. The Order 1886 

Ready at Dawn managed to make the best new IP this generation so far with the Order 1886. Being able to explore the streets of an alternate London with crazy high-tech weapons and warewolves peaks my interest like no other game has since Beyond Good and Evil and I can only hope that we receive a sequel some day of this amazing looking game despite being reviewed so low across the journalistic board.

WWE 2K16

5. WWE 2K16 

WWE 2K16 is a great turnaround from last year’s terrible wrestling game.  Last year had a terrible roster, lacked many match types, and the customization options where laughable. This year, 2K managed to make the biggest wrestling game of all time with over 120 different wrestlers (not copied and pasted either), brought back lots of match types that were absent, and included a ridiculous amount of customization options. 2K16 marks my favorite wrestling game of all time, finally overthrowing Wrestlemania 2000.


4. Rocket League

Rocket League is the biggest sleeper hit of the year in my opinion coming out of nowhere and dominating my summer with the simple yet fun concept of playing soccer with an RC car. Online matches get hectic and RL never slows down. RL marks my favorite sports game of all time and it deserves to be in my top 10 list so close to the top.

original (1)3. Super Mario Maker

 Imagine a world where there is an infinite amount of Super Mario levels. We live in such a world because of Super Mario Maker. If playing an infinite amount of levels isn’t enough, you can build and share your own levels having an infinite amount of replayability as long as you have an imagination. Nintendo had one of its best years in a long time in 2015 with Super Mario Maker, Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush, and Yoshi’s Woolly World. 2015 marked the year of the Wii U and I am damn happy that I bought Nintendo’s latest hardware this year.


2. Yoshi’s Woolly World

 Good-Feel managed to make the happiest, feel good game of all time with Yoshi’s Woolly World. Aesthetically, Woolly World is the best looking game of my list and of all time. The vibrant colors with the amazing score and tight controls makes Woolly World another addition to Nintendo’s perfect games of all time list. If you loved Yoshi’s Island on the SNES, make sure to pick up a Wii U as it is a great addition to the series.

Metal Gear Solid V

1. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

If you’ve been following CSG for the last couple of months or if you know me personally you saw this coming a mile away. Hideo Kojima’s final game with Konami marks his magnum-opus not just through his revolutionary game mechanics, but aesthetically too. The Phantom Pain is an amazing game that all gamers can enjoy through short bursts or marathoning the enormous game’s campaign or even getting lost in the multiple online modes.

Braulio Ortiz

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