Crackdown 3 Multiplayer Launches This Summer

The long-awaited sequel is finally seeing a release date — well part of it is, anyway.  The multiplayer portion of the game is set to launch on Xbox One in the summer of ’16 while release of the single-player portion remains unknown.

Given this info, the latest iteration almost appears to be two games in one: with the single-player experience following the events of the previous installments and the multiplayer instead featuring an entirely separate city to explore and objectives to complete.  Much effort seems to be going into the multiplayer components as to give an very unique experience to players — it even features an totally destructible cityscape to wreak havoc in.

More details are sure to sprout eventually regarding both versions, but for now we can definitely look forward to some more online Crackdown madness this summer.  If all is shaping up to be as promised, then it could very well prove to be quite a revolutionary multiplayer venture.


Source: GamesRadar

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