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The Cynocast Pilot

Introducing Cynosure Gaming’s podcast pilot featuring your host Braulio Ortiz and co-hosts Veudy Simon Cen and Adam Baca as well as special guest Jonathan Ojeda.

Adam Baca

Adam Baca

I live in Southern California and I am a full-time college student who enjoys playing video games both new and old. However, I am a very selective gamer and I tend to play games from my favorite genres most of the time, but I am still open to anything that I may be interested in. What games I can review or provide editorials for is mostly dependent on whether I can afford a certain game and if I have an opinion about the game that I wish to express. Anyway, I intend to contribute general gaming news and reviews to Cynosure Gaming as much as I can in order to inform, entertain, and unify gamers of all kinds.
Adam Baca
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