Street Fighter V Early Impressions

Check out my impression after the jump.

The Good

Easy for casuals and newcomers

Fast and fluid gameplay mechanics

V-system makes the series feel fresh again

Beautiful graphics

Amazing soundtrack

Free downloadable content is coming

Great new and returning characters

Funny interactions between fighters


The Bad

bare bones content (which will be remedied by free updates in the near future)

Story mode for each character consists of 2-4 fights (prologue to the story update that will release in June)


The Ugly

unreliable servers on launch despite many BETA tests

Should you buy it?

Street Fighter V manages to be my favorite game in the long running franchise despite the jarring non-existent content; however, Street Fighter has always been best when played with others in the same room and recently online, which this accomplishes especially when the servers aren’t down. Of course the game just released so the issues with the servers so early on where expected like with any other online game sadly. Servers will soon be functioning properly making Street Fighter V a must buy for long time fanatics of the series and the genre. For those who casually play fighting games from time to time should probably stay away until a price drop hits as the game is mostly catering to the hardcore fan base at the moment. I will update my impressions depending on how the servers manage to stack throughout the week.

Braulio Ortiz

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