Worst to best: Ranking the Final Fantasy main series -Part 1-

The site hasn’t ranked a series yet so I’m taking it upon myself to rank the beloved and sometimes hated series: Final Fantasy, which was first created in 1988 by Hironobu Sakaguchi for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Just to ease you into my list with some insight, I have played and completed the series thoroughly, with the exception of XII (which I’ve never played, sadly) so do not expect it on this list at the moment, and I am currently playing through X-2 (please help me from this mess I got myself into).  Also, XI and XIV will not be anywhere in this list despite having played them in the past and having enjoyed them immensely. Finally, if you have any concerns with my list, feel free to comment down below, flaming me for how terrible my list is compared to yours. Enjoy!

Final Fantasy 2

  1. Final Fantasy II:

At first I was enjoying the first sequel of this awesome series but it quickly turned into utter crap. Why in the world did Sakaguchi think that stats growing depending on their usage would be a good idea?! Why am I hitting my own teammates in every match as to allow the HP stat to grow? Final Fantasy II had some good ideas but they were implemented terribly. Also, whose bright idea was it to hide the best shop with the best magic spells in the final dungeon behind a waterfall? Don’t even get me started on the treasure chests of this game. The majority include simple worthless potions, including in the final dungeon. Final Fantasy II is and forever will be a mess with likeable characters and Cid’s grand introduction to the series.

Final Fantasy VIII

  1. Final Fantasy VIII:

This game is just as bad if not worse than II; however, the music and the way aeons/summons are incorporated into the gameplay and story with awesome animations was pretty cool.  Besides that, this game also boasts the absolute worst cast in the entirety of the series. The ending of disc one should have been the ending of the game. NEXT!

Final Fantasy X-2

  1. Final Fantasy X-2:

I’ve yet to complete this atrocious game but it already ranks this low on my list. The only saving grace for this disastrous spin-off is the amazing combat mechanics that keep things fast-paced and interesting with the inclusion of the dress spheres. Being able to quickly change classes mid-battle give a sense of urgency to each battle, as you will never know if you need a mage or a thief; however, these animations do get quite repetitive during battles despite how great the mechanics are. Too bad this mechanic was never lifted and put into a different game with a good storyline…

Final Fantasy XIII-3

  1. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII:

Behold! The great gameplay mechanics of a terrible game did get lifted, sadly the story isn’t any better. Lightning Returns is the most half-assed story in the franchise’s history. XIII ended on a high note and it was destroyed with the sequels.  At least the gameplay was fun; too bad the story made absolutely no sense and only fueled my anger on how stupid the series had become.

Final Fantasy I

  1. Final Fantasy:

The one that started it all has aged incredibly well throughout the 25+ years of the series debut and continues to be one of the better games on the NES. Not only did Final Fantasy bring new players to the JRPG genre, it gave us an engaging story line in the days where the princess would need rescuing from her captor.  Despite having an actual cast of characters, Square decided to give players the chance to create their own party. Want to go on an adventure with a warrior, black mage, white mage, and thief? You can. Want to go out to save the world using only white mages? You can too, but know that you’ll probably get destroyed in the process one too many times.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

  1. Final Fantasy XIII-2:

XIII-2 not only made the combat from XIII faster, it also let us fight next to monsters that were befriended, similarly to Dragon Quest.  Besides having one of the best combat systems in the series, XIII-2 has the best antagonist. Not only is Caius a total badass with his Bahamut, but he actually seems sincere in his reasons to torment the protagonists. Before this game released, we were facing off with a guy who wanted nothing more than to destroy/conquer the world. Caius actually fights to save a loved one’s life regardless of the destruction he leaves behind.

Final Fantasy III

  1. Final Fantasy III:

The first Final Fantasy allowed us to make our party from the get-go; however, as they rank up, they were stuck in the same jobs. Final Fantasy III changed that by allowing the player to change jobs out of battle. Once again giving the player to choose the way they play instead of being stuck with classes that don’t appeal to the player. Also, how can you not like the fact that Final Fantasy III was the first to have “jump” as an attack and allow you to summon monsters to aid you in battle? Both of these are huge staples of the Final Fantasy series.

That’s the first part of my two part Final Fantasy rant…I mean list from worst to best. Check back next week to see what my absolute favorite game in the series is. Spoilers, it’s not VI.

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