Uncharted 4 – Impressions

The day finally arrived, and on swift wings, we ventured with our old pal Nathan on a wild hunt for buried treasure. Here are our thoughts so far!

What can we NOT say about this game? Everything we saw from the series has been improved. From graphics to gameplay, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is a marvelous game. This time around, we meet Nate’s older brother Sam, and their interactions are as natural as they should be. Troy Baker and Nolan North do a fantastic job at conveying familial jokes, as if their characters had never been a part. We follow the brothers along a trail of treasure from the orphanage the boys grew up in, to the muddy oasis of Madagascar, all to find pirate Henry Avery’s amassed riches.

The pacing between narrative and gunplay is typical Naughty Dog fanfare, but shootouts are a blast (pun intended). The scenes and set pieces are as beautiful as they are expansive, and the quasi-open world is a welcomed addition. Much like Crystal Dynamics’ reboot of Tomb Raider, this iteration of Uncharted has “hubs” where the Drake’s and/or Drake and Sully can wander around, exploring. And these explorations can get quite involved, finding the tell-tale glint of hidden treasure.

One of the “hubs” is the grandiose oasis of Madagascar.

A thing of note: there are very direct nods to the one-off game The Last of Us and most occur in the wee hours of A Thief’s End’s tale. The most distinct is interacting with world objects with the triangle button. These objects, especially early on, help immerse the player into the narrative.

All in all, early impressions mark this game to be GOTY for this avid gamer. I will save the rest of my gushing for our review, soon to arrive to all consoles and PC! (Hah, see what I did there?)

We will be posting the first hour of gameplay soon as well.

Later, readers. I leave you with an amazing in-game still of Nate.

Tony Marinilli

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