Braulio’s Top Games of E3 2016 List

As I watched this year’s E3 press conferences from the comfort of my room I kept thinking to myself “where are all the good games to look forward to?” This year seemed a bit dry, especially with all the leaks that occurred the week prior to E3. I wont fault the leaks for the lack of new games but eventually I started to notice more games during the final press conference. Call me a Sony fanboy if you will, but I think they out did every other conference. Sure, some of the previous conference had some good stuff but hardly any of those games catered to my preferences. Well off to my list. These are the games I’m looking forward to the most that were showcased at E3 2016 (minus Final Fantasy XV as it’s almost launching).

Stig Star Wars game

Stig Amussen Star Wars game:

Nothing was shown from this latest Star Wars game created by Respawn Entertainment. All I know is that Stig Amussen is directing it and that is more than enough to make me look forward to it. If you didn’t know, Stig was responsible for the spectacular God of War 3 (2010).

South Park TFBW

South Park: The Fractured But Whole: I absolutely hated The Stick of Truth. I love South Park but Stick of Truth fell flat in my book. The game was too simplistic for my tastes and I just couldn’t make myself play through the entirety of the game. The Fracture But Whole seems to remedy my concerns though. Adding a grid and an order of attack timeline seems to make the game more than just “attack, defend, attack, use item, rinse and repeat”. Adding more complicated strategies seems to add that extra oomph that I needed from the original game.


Fe: The first game from the E3 conferences that got my attention. I’m not entirely sure what Fe is but it looks beautiful and I want to get lost in that world. I hope to hear much more from EA and Fe developers in the coming months as they have peaked my interest.

Tekken 7

Tekken 7: Finally we have a release window for the latest in the long-storied franchise! As a huge Tekken fan I got all giddy seeing Harada make an appearance at the Microsoft conference. Tekken 7 seems to be bringing back the classic style 3D fighter and adding special attacks similarly to Street Fighter. My only concerns now belong to the guest appearance to Akuma. I feel he was shoehorned in to please fans that have been waiting anxiously for the Tekken x Street Fighter game we never got.

Days Gone

Days Gone: Days Gone doesn’t seem to be breaking any molds from the look of the gameplay that Sony showcased, but it did look pretty and fun. I’m not entirely sure what the game is  trying to be, but from the swarms of zombies one would assume a story line similarly to a cross of World War Z and The Last of Us. Hopefully Sony Bend has a winner in their hands as they really need to knock this game out of the park. Bend hasn’t done anything original in what seems like a decade or more.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn: I’ll keep this short. I’m finally on the Horizon bandwagon. Guerilla is making a remarkable looking game and it’s not a Killzone!

Forza Horizon 3

Forza Horizon 3: Forza Horizon 2 is the best current gen racing game and I’m glad another is on the way. This might actually push me into buying a Xbox One…if it wasn’t for the Xbox Scorpio announcement. Thanks Microsoft.

Death Stranding

Death Stranding: Again, I have no idea what this game is. I’m beginning to see a trend out of E3 2016. Nonetheless, knowing that Hideo Kojima is helming this project makes me look forward to it over nearly everything else.


God of War: This was in my E3 2016 wishlist and I got it. The game looks to be getting rid of the over-the-top action sequences from yesteryear in exchange for a more grounded story line involving Kratos and his son. Kratos seems to have learned how to control his anger, somewhat. Santa Monica Studios seems to be taking notes from Naughty Dog as the over-the-shoulder camera infused with the story telling elements seem to be working for this pissed off Spartan.

Zelda BotW

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild: Nintendo has finally managed to get me excited for Zelda again for the first time in nearly a decade. Having an open world to explore and discover reminds me of how much fun I had with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Just like Kojima’s game, Nintendo seems to be breathing new life in this legendary franchise. I simply cannot wait to grab a NX to lose myself into the latest incarnation of Hyrule. Breath of the Wild is my Game of the Show.

From all the games that were showcased during the E3 press conferences, which ones seemed to peak your interests? Let me know down below.

Braulio Ortiz

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