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If you’ve finished Dead Space 3, it was pretty obvious that things didn’t go too smoothly for Isaac and his companion If you finished the DLC, then you know that things went exponentially worse. But, even now, I’m still waiting to hear word on Dead Space 4. Or, really, Dead Space anything. But, what would the next installment be about? Would it still follow Isaac? Someone different? Maybe even something different? This list is just a few ideas of where I think the series could go. Fair warning: Although I’ve tried my hardest, spoilers for key moments of the series most likely ahead.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Praise Altman.

For anyone unfamiliar with the series outside of the videogame, Mexico is a huge part of the Dead Space universe. Not only is it where the Black Marker was originally found by the Earth Government, it is also the origin story of Altman; the martyr and holy figure of the delusional Unitologist religion. Apart of a research team, Altman is known for the first discovery of the Black Marker.

Book Cover of Dead Space Martyr

Being placed in his shoes and discovering the marker first hand would be an exhilarating experience. In the beginning of the game, he would be completing research on the marker as you start to notice the world fall apart around you. Your research team would start to mentally degrade,  becoming susceptible to the voices of the marker, spurring on what may be considered the first “Convergence event”. Eventually, you would see first-hand the events that unfold around him and why he is such a prominent figure in the series. Combat would be interesting, since you would be underwater rather than in a space atmosphere. The functionalities of the suit may be the same, yet the overall look would vary greatly. The weapons would also match that of an aquatic functionality rather than the mining variants that have been known in the series.  

Tau Volantis. “Deus Enim Et Coloniae”  

In the beginning of Dead Space 3, we were given a brief glimpse into the final steps of Tim Caufman, a former soldier of the Sovereign Colonies Armed Forces. For a quick refresher, the SCAF had fallen apart 200 years before the events of DS3. Caufman was given the task of retrieving and returning the codex that would essentially save humanity, yet found an untimely ending at the hands of his own general during a kill order. The kill order had been issued once the SCAF forces were decimated from a necromorph outbreak.


Dead Space 3

Journeying to the planet as a soldier of the SCAF would give the player an opportunity to live out the life of one of the soldiers. While the outbreak may not occur immediately, you would have the chance to explore Tau Volantis and discover some of the hidden monstrosities, while subtle tones of the mental outbreak would begin to occur. It wouldn’t be until much later that you were swarmed by Necromorphs, yet you would find yourself fighting off some of the troops themselves as they became disoriented and delirious near the beginning. Eventually, you would be fending from the Kill Order itself. This would create an interesting atmosphere in the world as it would be focused more on the loss of humanity rather than the large amounts of sheer violence always following the series.  

The Sprawl. Pure Survival.

The second Dead Space is revered by many as the best in the series. It was able to create a perfect blend of horror and action without really overstepping the bounds of either too much. But rather than playing the plasma cutter wielding protagonist, what if you were simply one of the people living on the space station.


The Black Marker

Whether a scientist or a doctor, you would be thrown into an unknown chaos as you run for your life to escape the necromorph takeover. Using a first person perspective, you would hide in the vents and lockers, your sole task being to find a way off of the space station before it was too late. An interesting twist would be having to join the unitologist church, if only briefly, to hide yourself away in safe locations as you made your way across the space station itself. The living quarters are massive and would require patience and strategy as you meticulously navigated the torn remains of the now dead occupants and flying through the zero gravity would be eerie and treacherous as the smallest mishap could lead to your undoing.

Camron Willey

Just finishing school with a bachelors degree in Game Design, I now spend my time working between Cynosure, and my personal projects. Being a full-time military member, I try to pass the time behind the keyboard or controller. If it involves design or deep narrative, I will be there day one. You can check out my blog and smaller past times on CamronwilleyDesign.com!

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