Mighty No. 9 Review: These Aren’t the Droids You’re Looking For

Keiji Inafune, known for his work on the Mega Man series and a plethora of other Capcom titles, began a kickstater in 2013 to recapture the classic Japanese action-sidescroller genre. This void in the gaming community was remedied by Yacht Club Games’ Shovel Knight, but gamers clamored for a more traditional Mega Man experience where the player runs and shoots. With such core mechanics being wanted, Inafune promised us the Mega Man successor that classic gamers wanted from Capcom. Thus Mighty No. 9 was born and millions expected greatness due to many promises from the legendary creator and Inti Creates, the developers of the amazing Mega Man 9 and 10 games for last generation consoles. Mighty No. 9 finally released after multiple delays back in June and it is nothing that we were promised.


Mighty No. 9 follows Beck and a ton of uninteresting characters trying to recapture the Mega Man lore that we know and love. The Mighty Numbers have been hacked and it’s up to Beck to wipe these viruses to save mankind, or that’s what I think it’s about. The game is so uninteresting and badly voice acted that I chose to skip cutscenes when available. The lore to this game makes Mega Man 8 look genius (and it isn’t). Mega Man has been brought up multiple times within this review and I don’t usually mention other series’ in my reviews but Inafune was so hellbent to tell his fans that this is THE Mega Man spiritual successor that we’ve wanted, making it only fair to pass judgment  on Mighty N0. 9 as a true spiritual successor.


Aesthetically the game looks nothing like what kickstarter backers were promised. What looked like a cel-shaded tech world now looks like a PlayStation 2 game stuck in Mega Man X5’s world. Explosions, which are constant, look like a bunch of pizzas bunched up on one another. Beck’s and Call’s (this game’s Roll) facial expressions are horrific, especially during cutscenes were mouths don’t move and characters stare off into one another with blank expressions. The story is bad and the way that it is visually told is just as bad, which now brings up the question on whether it even plays well.


It doesn’t. Mighty No. 9 is the most soulless game I’ve experienced. Nothing about this game says fun. I can see potential for speed runners but I don’t see many actually wanting to finish the game to begin with. Beck runs, shoots, and dashes similarly to Mega Man X. This would be a grand occasion if not for the clunkiness that comes along with the gameplay. Beck never feels as mobile as X, hell, even Mega Man himself feels better in his 8-bit classics. Similarly to the blue bomber, Beck can absorb the powers of his enemies; however, these powers are awful. Most lead to being hurt rather than hurting enemies.

I have to give it to Inti Creates, I never thought I would ever play a game worse than Simpsons’ Skateboarding but here it is. Mighty No. 9 brings nothing to the table besides for having the ability to completely turn off voices from the main menu. Inafune, who I love as a game developer, has failed me in releasing the spiritual successor to the blue bomber and only managed to release a soulless unejoyable mess with too much hype and broken promises of a game.



Braulio Ortiz

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